... when sperm and egg stubbornly remain apart

Infertility Survival Day

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It's hard to believe in magic when infertility is keeping the proverbial pregnancy-green-light rabbit alive month in and month out. But even when obscured, magic is working. Read about another kind of rabbit entirely in Beverly Barna's second book, The Daughter of Dreams, A Fable of Destiny. It's a children's book about adoption and a family keepsake, with beautiful illustrations by David White and timeless, inspired writing, it's a true labor of love and a moving tale of hope. And watch for that Jade Rabbit. It's not always obvious, but he's around.
NATIONAL INFERTILITY SURVIVAL DAY® is another labor of love. It's your turn to celebrate all you are and who you are. What can be more joyful than turning a negative into a positive? Visit our Home page for the latest from the author; check out http://infertility.about.com/od/copingwithinfertility/a/survivalday.htm and www.infertilitysurvivalday.com. and infertilitysucks@aol.com. Raise your spirits. Raise awareness. Raise some hell (in a good way). Sunday, May 3, 2015. 
Beverly Barna, widely known as a pioneer in the public infertility dialogue as the author of Infertility Sucks! and National Infertility Survival Day founder, has also gained recognition as the author of numerous features essays on infertility, adoption and motherhood, including a Mother's Day essay in Family Circle and numerous columns, essays and features for The Palm Beach Post, South Florida Business Journal, South Florida Parenting Magazine and more.