... when sperm and egg stubbornly remain apart

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Help! I Wanna Childproof My House - Not Myself!


It all started in Bloomingdale's. There, amidst the invigorating, optimistic scent of new leather handbags, just around the bend from the "Up" escalator leading to untold Bloomies booty, was a taunting, stomach-churning sight: rack upon rack, row upon row, of neatly stacked "Pregnancy Survival" kits - a plethora of prepackaged maternity trinkets, a miasma of maternity mirth, marketed as remedies to the challenges of pregnancy, but in reality, mere precursors to the endless stream of cute things over which pregnant women and new mothers alone can claim dominion.
As if pregnant women don't have enough perks already. How about a survival kit for those of us who can't get - or can't stay - pregnant?

Hence, this book. If you have found yourself bearing a cross, instead of a child, we are fellow travelers on this lonely, twisting, always uphill road.
This book is an attempt to find a place where the road curves gently downward, where pungent large-petaled flowers dance in the air and land on the sidewalk beneath our feet, and a canopy of branches arcs overhead, a leafy lattice-work rendering the sky a tapestry of green and blue.

Most of all, it's a place in the road where we will not be overrun by smug, self-satisfied pregnant women pushing strollers stuffed with cherub-cheeked toddlers into our path. Want to come along?
Are you suffering from OBsession and other OBstetric-Envy Disorders of Infertility? Treat yourself to more wicked, witty words of wisdom from Canned Parenthood, available only in "Infertility Sucks!"
Are you fed up with infertility? Are you tired of people telling you how to get pregnant? Are You Telling Me That A Cloned Sheep Can Have A Baby And I Can't? Baaaaaaa!!!
Now available in paperback, hardcover and in e-book format in bookstores and online.