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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The moon does not lie.

Anyone else notice that last week’s supermoon coincided with this year’s National Infertility Survival Day®, May 6, 2012?

Hence, the evening of May 5, National Infertility Survival Day eve, I suppose, the moon came as close to the earth as it has and will this year, appearing larger than it has been or will be in 2012.

Next Saturday, the 19th, the moon will swing out to its furthest point from us for the month.

I must say, it reminds me a lot of the infertility struggle. Feeling so close to and inspired by that which you want to embrace, but can’t; then, a fortnight later, it’s as far away as can be.

But here’s the thing to keep in mind this Mother’s Day, for those who feel the impossible pull of that beautiful, distant distant moon. It comes back. It always comes back. And bathes us in light and possibility and golden magic. Pulling the tides with its moods. Pulling us all forward glowing. Now smiling in the sky. Now half what we know it to be, again full now gone. Again vast and humbling.

The term, supermoon, credited to Astrologer Richard Nolle, refers to perigee, when a full moon comes within 90 percent of its closest point to earth within a cycle — a point at which the earth, moon and sun are all in alignment. It speaks to the promise that these things can and do happen. And it does so in a showy, brilliant, cosmic way.

In The Daughter of Dreams, A fable of destiny, tian yi, the alignment between The Mother of Dreams, the Mother who Brought Her to Be and The Daughter of Dreams coincides with the autumn Moon Festival and a supermoon so powerful that it paints daylight everywhere.

As it happens, and as these things do happen, my Daughter of Dreams was united with my husband and me August 12, 2001, a month ahead of the Moon Festival and the very day of the very apex of the annual Perseids Meteor shower — when shooting stars sail across the sky in a testament to hope and dreams and all things bigger than we are, bathing us in light and possibility and golden magic.  

To those of you who are mothers today, happy Mother’s Day. To those of you who are waiting for your moon glow, your shooting stars, your shining dreams, surf your tian yi, your destiny with the peace that comes with knowing this: That supermoon of May 5 – 6, 2012 belonged to us and will circle back to you, a perfect orb of golden magic. The moon does not lie.    

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